The Story of Native Americans



Date of Birth: 16th of May 1964, Belgrade

Elementary School: "Starina Novak"

High School: V Belgrade Grammar School

College Education: Faculty of Mining and Geology, University of Belgrade

After finishing college in the year 1990, he went to South Africa where he had various occupations and working experiences. After that he went to Namibia where he lived six months in the north part of the country working on a government project of water exploration. For six months he lived with Aawambo and Herero tribes, and afterwards returned to South Africa. Upon returning to Johannesburg he had many occupations such as being a manager in restaurants, night clubs, shopping malls, later on he completed Reebok course for professional trainers after which he gets a job in Sharper Image fitness centers as a fitness instructor. He then transferred to Gold's fitness centers where he worked as a fitness instructor as well.

In the year 2001 he comes from South Africa back to Serbia. After returning to his home country he started working in The City of Belgrade Administration. At first he worked at the Financial Department and then he transferred to Department of Urban Planning and Construction. At that time he finished massage course and public relations course. His writing career started in the year 1997, when his first article was published in the newspaper "Danas". After this he wrote his first but never published novel The Speed of Darkness (Brzina tame).

In the year 2005 he started working for a French company Geoservices, and the work took him to Angola where he worked on off-shore oil platforms in the Atlantic ocean. He described the adventures from the oil platform in his first published novel Over A Mile to the Bottom (Preko kilometar do dna), published by Trivic. After a year at the platform, he returned to The City of Belgrade Administration, where he currently works. In the year 2007 his second novel Eytana (Ejtana) was published by Admiralbook. His third novel A part of the African Sky(Deo africkog neba), published by Beobook. in the year 2011. Zoran is currently working on his fourth novel All or Nothing (Sve ili nista), which will be published by the same publisher as his second novel, Admiralbook.

He has a wife Ana, two children Igor and Tamara, and two dogs Pumba and Snezana.



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