The Story of Native Americans


In a humorous, often ironical way, the author managed to create very interesting and intriguing text, which is in its structure layered and metaphoric at the same time. By using rich, naturalistic Hemingway like style, entwined with modern Belgrade jargon and by having a writing style that is immediate and vivid he charms the reader. One thing is certain, the book will make you laugh, but also change your perspective towards the every day life.

Over A Mile to the Bottom / Zoran Danilovic "Trivic",2006

I edition (Belgrade : Rubikon)

284 page ; 9 inch

Circulation 1.000




Five hundred years ago, in the small German town, woman named Haike Bruneger was accused and burned on the stake for being a devil's lover. Before she disappeared into the flames, in the last agonizing moments she cursed the whole village and its inhabitants. After a while, domestic animals started dying, soon the deaths of children followed. Slowly but surely, place started do die out, like she promised it would. Many years later, at dawn, in one remote village on the far North of Namibia a group of naked warriors armed with spears sneak in. In the short period of time, they slaughtered the entire village population except for one small boy, who managed to hide behind the bush. In the second half of XXI century, on the bank of Congarie swamp outside of Colombia, capital of South Carolina, in abandoned sedan, police found bodies of two teenagers, but not their heads. Patric Lombard is a detective who was called to the South Carolina Police Department to help them solve the case of murdered teenagers. He is a lonely, sarcastic, intelligent character and he doesn't know that events which he is going to become a part of will forever change his life. All these events are connected throughout centuries, where eternal battle between good and evil was going on in many different places involving many people. Most of them didn't know they were part of it, before it was too late. In this horrifying book, you will go trough frightening corridors of time, and arrive to the utterly unexpected end.

Eytana / Zoran Danilovic

I edition

"Admiral Books" Belgrade,2009

378 page ; 9 inch

Circulation 500





This novel describes real-life events of Jovan, a geologist from Belgrade, who left for South Africa in the beginning of the 90s in the search for better life. As time goes by, his attitude towards life changes, and painful but humorous transformations begin. This novel describes the urban and wild Africa in a real and crude way, without any embellishments or overly emotional parts and clichés, and makes the reader follow closely the fate of Jovan until the very end.

A part of the African Sky / Zoran Danilovic

I edition

"Beobook", 2011 (Belgrade: B&S)

443 page ; 9 inch

Circulation 500






All or Nothing /

Zoran Danilovic







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